Hey everybody!  Long time no blog.  I’ve been doing “January Comics Month 2014”, which was started by these cool people, over on my tumblr.  Here are some of the images I produced:

comic characters compilation

comic character

comic background thumbnails

comic thumbnails

page 01 inks

Long post!  Ok, so here’s the breakdown.

1. A painting I did in 2011 that I’m basing the story on, and some character sketches to update the characters and make them look more interesting.

2. A lone drawing of the character Tess.

3. Background thumbnail experiments, some in marker, and a watercolor of my characters.  I was experimenting with their colors.

4. Thumbnails of all the pages.

5. Page one inks.

I’m hoping to start updating this one page a week on the web sometime in February, so stay tuned for that! 😀